Stock Under Pressure & Gravy with Marmite?

To make delicious gravy, we must first make a great stock.

Sounds like a plan… but, what if you need to use the stove for other things besides simmering a pot of bones for 5 hours? 

A pressure cooker (set approximately 15 psi @ 1 atm) can cut cooking time by 1/3. But, is it even possible to use one to make high quality stock

Find out the answer in this video. 

Let’s make a delicious gravy.

I’ve enhanced the sauce with Marmite. It’s a vegetarian yeast (made from beer brewer’s yeast, a natural waste product created during the beer making process) that’s loaded with umami (savory flavor). This step is optional.

To test your gravy for nappe consistency, dip your spoon into the sauce and turn it upside down. The bottom of the spoon (now, facing up) should be coated in a full blanket of slow moving sauce.

For more nappe, add another silver leaf (gelatin) or reduce by 1/3 on low heat. Always, use fresh herb aromatics and season to taste. 

This one minute video explains the recipe.


Author: Matt Sanchez


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