Three Sisters and High Temperature Fire Roasting


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Mel Bartholomew and “Square Foot Gardening”

In 1981, Mel Bartholomew coined the phrase “Square Foot Gardening”.

It was a system designed to maximize space, utilize companion planting and create “living mulch”. As innovative as this appeared, the system of companion planting existed long before, 1981.


The companion planting technique was practiced by Native Americans for at least 300 years before Europeans arrived, placing it around seven hundred years old.

THREE SISTERS demonstrates deep understanding of nature (see: Gastromonk Precept 1.1). It truly defines sustainable crop planting based on seasonal rhythms in a simple and elegant way.

Corn (Maize) grows tall and its stalk provides support for bean vines. At seasons end, legumes self-compost and replenish nitrogen in the soil. Low growing squash doubles as a ground cover to block weeds and method to retain moisture in the soil.

The name “Three Sisters” comes from an Iroquois creation myth.

To celebrate this in the form of a dish, I use fire and lots of it. Heat in excess of 900 F is applied using a technique that I call, High Temperature Fire Roasting.

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Author: Matt Sanchez


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