Sawgrass Marriott – August 22, 2017 – Building Hexagonal Observation Hive

More Eye Candy

So, we’ve already got a giagantic one sided observation hive with an area of 32 feet (8’x 4′). Truth is that it’s going to take the abundance of spring to really fill that one from edge to edge. But, not to worry. Spring always comes.

I promise that this one will be a bit smaller, albeit, double sided.

I am making it in the shape of a hexagon with each side measuring 2 feet in length. There are six sides to a hexagon so that is 12′ of wood x 2, since there are two faces to the colony. To calculate area of a hexagon we use this formula:


That’s makes the area about 10.4 feet x 2 since we’ve got two sides to this one = a colony with an area of about 20.8 feet when all is said and done.


Till next time



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