Washboard Behavior – Unsolved Riddle

Perhaps, one day we’ll know the answer to this unsolved riddle.

We are fortunate that technology has made it to where life’s chores are easier to manage than when our parents grew up during the depression. But, in a bee’s life, things are always done the old fashioned way. They’ve been around for hundreds of years and just refuse to change.
We humans understand a lot about honey bees, we’ve even figured out much of their language. However, many mysteries remain that have yet to be solved. One such mystery is something known as “washboard behavior”.

It seems like a type of cleaning behavior; but, is it? We’ve come to learn that bees do things for well purposed reasons. Communal behavior of bees doing the same thing has significance. Yet, we’re still not entirely certain as to why.

Have a look and a guess at this intriguing behavior…

Till Next Time


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