Florida Native [Fall] Nectar Plant – GOLDENROD (Solidago odora)

GOLDENROD (Solidago odora)

North East Florida, Zone 8a-8b, Jacksonville/Ponte Vedra Beach

There are three stand out attributes to Goldenrod worth nothing:

1) They are a NATIVE plant to Florida.

2) They are a NECTAR PRODUCING plant.

3) They produce NECTAR DURING OUR DEARTH, mid-late Fall.

Goldenrod is able to grow in sandy soil. It can grow in dry conditions; however, its roots can tolerate low oxygen conditions – meaning, it can practically grow out of a shallow swamp.

It is a perennial. That means is lasts all year long and does not have to be replanted. This is good news since having a long lived plant with robust growth means the potential for more blooms. They produce seeds that are “wind borne” like dandelion seeds.

Goldenrod leaves are edible and make enjoyable anise flavored teas, tisanes or botanicals. But, the main takeaway here is that they are one of the few nectar producing (honey bee food) plants available in the fall.

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