Micro-Biome: The Bugs that Eat our Food and the Poop They Feed Us


Mapping the micro biome is the next frontier in human health. And, as crazy as it sounds, it has everything to do with food.

You see, the act of chewing our food and swallowing is only the beginning. The bulk of the eating process takes place in our intestines – where all the bugs live. They process what you swallow and it’s their waste that we humans digest. Without beneficial bacteria in our bodies, we would suffer from a long list of possible illnesses. Bacteria does the body good. However, when out of balance, they can cause a person to suffer a heart attack. They can even go as far as influencing your most intimate thoughts and emotions.

Gastromonkn Modern Food Microbiology

There are more bacteria in your gut than people on the face of the earth.

Which all begs the question: is it possible to farm your own herd of super awesome bacteria to stay happy and healthy?

(Enter stage left – Petri dish and agar solutions…)

– Matt


Author: Matt Sanchez


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